On The Edge Of Nowhere



releasedate: t.b.a.


1. Secrets of the wasteland  16:25

2. The danger of mesmerizing nostalgia  14:05

3. On the edge of nowhere  12:13

4. Nowhere to hide  12:16

5. Overlooked consequences of near-death
    experiences   16:35

6. At the end of the track (sequence-only
    version)  5:33

ordering: Groove Unlimited
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The music was composed, played and recorded by Gert Emmens from May 2021 till August 2021 in his studio in Ede, Netherlands.

Mixed August 2021 by Gert Emmens.
Mastered January 2022 by Gert Emmens.

Photo’s taken on October 8, 2021 by Gert emmens.

Many thanks: Ron Boots, Ruud Heij, Hans Moret, Laila Quraishi and Mark Cox from Cox Electronics for fixing the broken old analogs.

Gert uses JvR modulars and custom made JvR sequencers. www.josvanras.com