Time Portal Chronicles



releasedate: 2021, April 15


1. Wanderer of time - part 2  17:50

2. About aliens who appeared to be time travelers  12:03

3. Seaside encounter  5:25

4. A warning from the other side  17:20

5. Your future self is watching you  7:49 

6. The moment it becomes present, future reveals
    itself  14:59 

7. To those who never returned  3:24

ordering: Groove Unlimited
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The music was composed, played and recorded by Gert Emmens from August 2020 till January 2021 in Studio Gert Emmens in Ede, Netherlands Mixed February 2021 by Gert Emmens

Mastered March 2021 by Ron Boots

‘To those who never returned’ is a remake from the track ‘Pour toi, mon amour’ from the album ‘Light The Light’ (1995)

Many thanks: Ron Boots, Ruud Heij, Jos van Ras, Laila Quraishi

Gert uses JvR modulars and custom made JvR sequencers www.josvanras.com