life in cosmic highway


Gert Emmens and Cadenced Haven - Life In Cosmic Highway


releasedate: 2011, April 13th


1. Vision of Mind's Eye - Overture     4:23

2. Distinct Memories     8:20

3. Reflective Orbit     7:48

4. Call To Meghna     8:54

5. Aural Empathy     7:20

6. Incomprehensible Walk     7:52

7. Illusory Reformation     11:20

8. The Quiet Steps     8:08

9. Vision Of Mind's Eye - Finale     4:21



Ordering and info: Groove Unlimited

Videotrailer on YouTube made by Cadenced Haven




All tracks composted and played by Gert Emmens and Cadenced Haven  from March until October, 2010.

Mixed and Mastered by Gert Emmens

Digital keys and voice by Cadenced Haven

Analog and digital keys, sequences and rhythms by Gert Emmens

Cover design by Kees Aerts