live - a long way from home


Gert Emmens - Live


releasedate: 2004, May 15th


1. Entering The Dark Depth     
2. So Long     
3. The Day The Wind Blew Out The Light 
4. Solaris          
5. Voice From The Past     

coverdesign: Gert Emmens
mastering: Gert Emmens
more info and soundclip here
ordering: Groove Unlimited

NOTE: released in a limited, numbered edition of 200 copies!!

After being sold out for a number of years ,Groove Unlimited is selling copies again, unnumbered.




“Live – A Long Way From Home” contains the registration of the concert Emmens gave during E-Live 2003. He received support from his friend Ruud Heij in two songs which can also be found on their excellent release “Return To The Origin” (‘So Long’ en “Solaris”), so you know the sequencers are all over the place again. Emmens shows with this majestic up-tempo retro release that he not only holds his own in the studio but also live. I would say: Ron Boots please move over a bit, there is another top player who is going to sit next to you on the Dutch bench of EM-masters. By the way, this CD-R is only a limited edition so you better be quick.

André de Waal for E-dition ****1/2 (out of 5)


This limited edition of 200 is a recording from Gert’s E-Live festival performance on September 27, 2003. The best three tracks (all but the title track) from his Obscure Movements in Twilight Shades CD are included, as well as two compositions from Return to the Origin featuring Ruud Heij on sequences.  Incidentally, Ruud is one of the most talented and possibly underappreciated electronic musicians working today in the Berlin school scene. He has worked with Free System Projekt and Patchwork and now Gert, and everything he touches sounds awesome. The brisk hypnotic sequencing on “So Long” and “Solaris” are nothing short of fantastic. These two numbers sound a quite a bit like Kubusschnitt, very much a plus in my book. Personally, I find this collection an even more solid set than Obscure Movements, and well worth having even if you already own it and Return to the Origin. If any of the 200 copies are left, snag one. Well done Emmens and Heij.


© 2004 Phil Derby / Electroambient Space


This is a CD-R with music from Gert's E-Live 2003 performance. It features music from his "Obscure Movements In Twilight Shades" album as well as from his collaborative effort with Ruud Heij "Return To the Origin" (although this music was performed prior to the release of that collaborative work). The sound quality is very good, so I asuume it is a "mixing board recording". We start with "Entering the Dark Depth" from "Obscure Movements..." which is a lazy, groovy, relaxed cosmic number with great echoing sequences and captivating rhythms. I especially like the first part of this track. Some new solos have been played by Gert on top of the already familiar sounds. The next track is "So Long" and it was co-composed by Ruud Heij. A very fast and energetic track. Great sequences! "The Day the Wind Blew Out the Light" returns us to the relaxed and laid-back mode. This track is in "typical" Emmens style. "Solaris" is next and it's even better than the album version. Great tinkling sequences, solos, and that special sad atmosphere. The album closes with the very Tangerine Dream-y "Voice From the Past" that has lots of great mellotron. There are of course some modern elements in there as well. Overall, it's a very nice and enjoyable collection of traditional "Berlin School" synth music. The tracks slightly differ from the album versions, especially in the solos department. Also, the mix seems to be a bit different as well. If you like Gert's music, this album is a must, no matter if you have visited the concert or not. And if you are new to the EM world, this album could serve as a good introduction to this great style of music. Icluded with this release are nice photos from Gert's performance and of the place the concert was held at.

Artemi Puchagov, 2004