outland 2



releasedate: 2020, Agust 20


1. Sent back on a mission  11:57
2. Decoded message from an unknown source 10:42
3. At the mercy of loneliness  09:17
4. On patrol to the abandoned landmark  13:46
5. Outpost - part 2  18:56 
6. Outlands (bonustrack)  13:11 

ordering: Groove Unlimited
more info

Composed, played and recorded in June 2020 in Studio Gert Emmens, Ede, Netherlands with theexception of track 6 ‘Outlands’ which was composed in August 2014 exclusively for the concert on October 18, 2014 at the E-live festival in Oirschot, Netherlands, where the entire Outland album wasperformed.

Mixed and mastered in July 2020 (with the exception of track 6). Outpost part 1 will be released later this year on a free sampler CD from Gert’s record company Groove Unlimited (www.groove.nl).Gert Emmens uses custom made JvR sequencers and modulars exclusively (JosvanRas.com). Many thanks: Ron Boots, Ruud Heij. Laila Quraishi, John Adams.Many thanks for technical support: Jos van Ras, Mark Cox.